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Unsolicited Probate Advertisements

Heirs or beneficiaries of a probate estate may receive unsolicited mailings or other advertisements offering to provide cash advances, purchase property interests, or other services. Some advertisements use information gleaned from public court records or mimic formatting similar to official documents to persuade the public to contact the company and to lend the advertisement a […]

Announcing Reed Longyear Malnati Corwin & Burnett, PLLC

We are excited to announce that our firm is updating our name to Reed Longyear Malnati Corwin & Burnett, PLLC in recognition of two of our outstanding and dedicated members. Christina Corwin joined our firm in 2003 and continues to enrich her extensive experience guiding parties through Family Law mediation, litigation, and collaborative law processes. […]

Congratulations to Reed Longyear Attorneys selected as Super Lawyers or Rising Stars in Washington for 2021

It is with great honor that we recognize the attorneys at our firm who have been selected as Super Lawyers or Rising Stars in Washington for 2021! We are pleased to announce the following attorneys have been selected for inclusion in the 2021 Washington Super Lawyers and Rising Star selection: Michael LongyearSuper Lawyer, 2003-2010 2014-2021 […]

IRA’s One Year After the SECURE Act

Just over one year into the SECURE Act, and it is still not common knowledge that inherited IRA’s by non-excepted beneficiaries on or after January 1, 2020, require full distribution within 10 (ten) years and can no longer be “stretched out” over the person’s lifetime. Reed Longyear Malnati & Ahrens, PLLC – Attorney Joshua M. […]

Electronic Wills in Washington…Coming Soon!

                Washington’s Uniform Electronic Wills Act (“the Act,” SB 5132-2021-22, sections 1001-1016) was recently signed into law and will become effective January 1, 2022. The Act brings significant and welcome changes to a world still in a pandemic, but like other new laws it also raises questions.                 The current law in Washington requires that […]

Do Powers of Attorney Go Stale?

Although much of estate planning deals with what happens after one dies, it’s equally important for a person to have a plan for making critical financial or medical decisions if he or she is unable to make them for themselves. This article explains the need to review and update powers of attorney. Your powers of […]

Foreign Assets and Your Estate Plan

Have you thought about your foreign held assets in your estate plan? It is somewhat surprising how often individuals fail to disclose foreign assets to their estate planning advisors. They assume that these assets are not relevant to their “U.S.” estate plans, so they are not worth mentioning. But if a person owns real estate […]

Opting-Out of the Long-Term Services and Supports Trust Act

Many Washingtonians are unaware that the Washington Long-Term Services and Supports Trust Act, passed on July 28, 2019, allows the option to opt-out of the mandatory 0.58% withholding on employee wages. You must opt-out by November 1, 2021. However, opting out would require purchasing private long-term care insurance by November 1, 2021. If you would […]

Michael Longyear: A Great Attorney and an Even Better Human Being

Written by our own Attorney Mary Anne Vance, a profile was published in the November 2020 King County Bar Association Bar Bulletin reflecting on Attorney Michael Longyear. To quote another of our attorneys, Jason Burnett, “This is only a portion of the recognition Mike so richly deserves, but it’s a start.” We consider it an […]

Estate Planning Management Tips from the Reed Longyear Estate Planning Department

The Reed Longyear Estate Planning Group continues to work full-time providing you with the best possible legal services during this challenging time.  We continue to write new Estate Planning documents, administer Trusts and process Probate matters daily. Here are a few “Tips” to consider in managing your estate plan. Retirement Accounts: Planning Tip from Attorney […]