Estate Planning and Trust Administration

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Estate Planning Attorneys

For over 50 years we have helped individuals and families in the Greater Seattle area with their personal and estate planning. At Reed Longyear we believe that it is important to get an overall view of your personal planning goals. We value the opportunity to educate you about proactive planning and health care decision making.

How We Approach Estate Planning

First our estate planning attorneys will ask you to complete an Estate Planning Questionnaire. During your initial consultation your attorney will ask you a series of important questions regarding your goals for your family, health care decisions and financial assets. We will then work with you to consider your personal and estate planning options and goals. Next we will prepare the necessary estate planning documents, carefully explaining the purpose and decision making powers outlined in each document.

Important personal and estate planning documents include:

Proactive Planning, Sensible Solutions

Regardless of the size of your personal estate, it is important to plan for your future today in order to avoid unnecessary headaches and legal expenses for family members. Proactive planning helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out as you desire.

As your planning goals evolve, you may wish to periodically update your estate planning documents. You can decide to revoke or amend your documents at any time, changes in state and federal law including tax codes may make chance necessary or advantageous. We are more than happy to revise and update your documents as based on your wishes.

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