Probate Administration

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Probate Attorneys in Seattle

Probate is the legal process by which a person’s debts are paid and assets are distributed upon her or his death. Our knowledgeable and compassionate probate attorneys are experienced with Washington state law and can help you through the probate process from start to finish. It is important to consult an experienced probate attorney at Reed Longyear to ensure that the deceased’s assets are distributed correctly.

Our probate attorneys will help you by:

  • Educating you about the probate process in Washington State.
  • Opening your probate in court and prepare all pertinent documents.
  • Handling communications between third parties such as certified accountants, appraisers, trustees, heirs, real estate agents, and others.
  • Calendaring important hearings, keeping track of deadlines and obtaining necessary court documents

Proactive Planning, Sensible Solutions

It is to your advantage to properly prepare an estate plan prior to your death. Sometimes poorly executed estate planning or family disputes can lead to estate, trust and probate litigation. Whatever your particular situation may be, our friendly attorneys will do their best to help. Contact us today to speak with a probate administration attorney at (206) 624-6271.