Family Law

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Seattle Family Law Attorneys

We understand how incredibly emotional and scary it is to find yourself in a family law proceeding. Whether it be the end of your relationship (legal separation, divorce or ending a committed intimate relationship), a custody dispute or a request for child support, navigating Court procedures and having your family’s private matters decided in Court is complicated and stressful.

At Reed Longyear, our Family Law attorneys will provide competent, result-driven, and compassionate counsel to you through each step of the process. We understand how important these issues are to you and how high the stakes are. We approach each matter with care and aim to resolve conflicts efficiently and amicably whenever possible. However, we are also experienced litigators, equipped with the skills to obtain the results in Court that you and your family need.

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Take control of your family's future today. Our experienced family law attorneys will guide you through every step of the legal process. Schedule a consultation now and let us fight for your rights and best interests.

We have extensive experience representing clients in the following areas:

  • Family Contracts (Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Separation Contracts, and Community Property Agreements) 
  • Divorce & Legal Separation for Married Spouses
  • Termination of Committed Intimate Relationships
  • Complex and Simple Asset/Debt Distribution
  • Spousal Support / Alimony
  • Domestic Violence / Anti-Harassment
  • Custody Visitation / Parenting Plans
  • Paternity / Options for Unmarried Parents
  • Child Support
  • Family Mediation

Family Law Consultation and Representation

Not only are we experienced in traditional litigation and negotiating complex family matters, we also provide service in other cooperative processes such as Collaborative Law and family mediation.

We understand that a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work because each family dynamic is unique. Schedule a consultation with us today so we can provide you with valuable information about your rights and interests, assess your goals, and prepare a plan for going forward. You can trust that your case will be in good hands from start to finish with us. Call us today at (206) 624-6271 and let us help.