Attorney Burnett Prevails in Court Of Appeals

Reed, Longyear, Malnati & Ahrens, PLLC partner Jason W. Burnett prevailed in the Court of Appeals for his client Gloria Petelle. On May 6, 2019, the Washington Court of Appeals Division published its opinion In the Matter of the Estate of Michael A. Petelle, Gloria Petelle v. Michelle Ersfeld Petelle, reversed the trial court and remanded the case with instructions to grant the entire relief sought by Mr. Burnett at the trial court level for Ms. Petelle, Michael Petelle’s surviving parent.  The Court of Appeals held that a separation contract that states it is a complete and final settlement of all marital and property rights and obligations includes a complete and final settlement of a spouse’s statutory right to inherit, and that Michael Petelle’s wife, Michelle Ersfeld-Petelle waived her right to intestate succession by signing a separation contract that was a “final settlement of all their marital and property rights and obligations.”

See the decision in its entirety here.