Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death in Washington State

Losing a loved one due to the negligence of another is a devastating life event. The grief caused by the loss of a family member is overwhelming. Worse, exorbitant hospital bills and funeral expenses can create a financial burden causing unnecessary hardships for your family.

How We Handle Wrongful Death Cases

At Reed Longyear our wrongful death attorneys provide professional legal services for families of victims of wrongful death.

  • We make sure you are as comfortable as possible and we will patiently answer all of your questions.
  • After reviewing all the facts of your case, one of our wrongful death attorneys will advise you regarding next steps, whether that be litigation or an out of court settlement.
  • We put our clients first. Once you become a client with us, we will handle your case from start to finish, making your well-being our number one priority.

What is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death is when an individual’s death is caused by another person, entity or corporation, due to an act that was negligent, reckless, or intentional. In wrongful death cases, it is important to demonstrate that a particular party is at fault for the death. Wrongful death is considered a personal injury matter and examples of wrongful death cases include fatalities caused by car accidents, workplace injuries and pedestrian incidents.

If you are unsure whether your situation is considered wrongful death under Washington state law, we encourage you to speak with an attorney regarding your case.

Speak to a Wrongful Death Attorney Today

We work hard to secure compensation for your losses so that you can move forward in the healing process. Our knowledgeable and compassionate wrongful death attorneys have worked with clients in the Greater Seattle area and around Washington State to help them seek fair settlements for wrongful death cases. Call us at (206) 624-6271 to set up a consultation.