WSBA 2023 RPPT Midyear Seminar

Attorneys Maria Gaydos and Michael Longyear will be faculty presenters at the upcoming 2023 WSBA Real Property, Probate and Trust Section Midyear Seminar. Their topic “Philanthropy: How and When to Encourage it” will focus on the tangible and intangible benefits of philanthropic giving and what role estate planners play in encouraging philanthropy. The presentation will cover charitable planning considerations such as the potential tax benefits and consequences of charitable giving, and the best way to structure charitable bequests. Maria Gaydos will also present on this topic at Reed Longyear’s upcoming summer webinar.

This year’s WSBA Midyear Seminar is being held in Walla Walla, WA from June 2 to June 4. Follow the link for registration information.