Non-Compete Enforceability Being Questioned in WA State

A new year, and a new legislative season sees Non-Compete Agreement again addressed in the WA State Legislature. Two new bills were proposed and are working their way through the legislative process. It would be a game changer for Non-Compete Agreements in Washington State if either passed.

HB 2406

HB 2931

Neither bill has passed and it is unclear when further action may be taken. I would encourage those interested in non-compete agreements and their enforceability in WA State to follow the process, and reach out to their state legislature.

In representing individuals and companies in non-compete disputes I am frequently asked if any new law will change their position. This law appears to only affect future agreements; however, it would seem difficult to advocate that a non-compete is reasonable if a law is passed establishing otherwise.

Also, thanks to Geekwire for its continued coverage of non-compete issues in Washington State.