COVID19 and Your Health Care Directive

Photo from Seattle Times Article “Fearing COVID-19, and ventilators, older people alter their living wills” (Elaine Thompson / The Associated Press)

While the risk of ending up on a ventilator from coronavirus is fairly low for most people, this article in the Seattle Times highlights the importance of considering what kind of life sustaining treatment you would want if you were facing dire circumstances.

A properly crafted Health Care Directive gives your health care providers and decision-makers important guidance about when you would want to receive highly invasive medical treatment if you could not make the decision yourself.

When making these choices, it is important to consider your values, your current health status, the environmental risks to your health, and the realities of receiving life-sustaining treatment. Consulting with your physician about the risks and benefits of various treatments—as well as consulting with an estate planning attorney about your legal options—can provide you peace of mind and assurance that your wishes will be known to those who are making critical health care decisions for you.

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