Certified Professional Guardianship Board Supplemental Training

The Certified Professional Guardianship Board is having a Supplemental Training course in partnership with the Office of Guardianship and Elder Services for the Administrative Office of the Courts. This program is for individuals seeking to become certified professional guardians.

The training will be held across 2 dates, Saturday March 20 and Saturday April 10, and Reed Longyear attorney Michael Longyear will be giving a co-presentation with professional guardians Mark Vohr and William Jaback on the Statutory Authority and Limitations on a Guardian and Standards of Practice for Professional Guardians.

Attorney Longyear is a certified professional guardian and is currently serving on the Washington Association of Professional Guardians (WAPG) 2021 board of directors, which represents the interests of Certified Professional Guardians (CPGs) in Washington State.

For more information on this training, please visit the Washington State Courts website.