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Noah Williams is an Attorney with Reed, Longyear, Malnati and Ahrens, PLLC.  His practice focuses on employment, trade secret, and intellectual property issues presented to businesses and individuals. Noah enjoys the opportunity to represent clients throughout the Seattle, Pacific Northwest, and Tri-Cities areas.

Noah has lately focused on navigating employment disputes, (wrongful termination, harassment, wage and hour etc.) and addressing trade secret and intellectual property issues. Disputes relating to theft of trade secrets, trademark infringement, contractual violations, non-compete agreements, and claims of workplace harassment, are unfortunately common. Noah is driven to help his clients obtain the best result.

Though litigation can be warranted, Noah Williams excels in helping businesses and individuals eliminate or reduce risks. To do this, Noah and Reed Longyear provide investigative and educational services to our clients. Noah meets with clients frequently to help avoid common pitfalls in the employment, non-compete, or intellectual property arenas. Noah frequently presents to clients and their employees on diverse topics including employment manuals, discussing trademark and confidential information protections, or evaluating best practices with human resources and management. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Noah also utilizes his background in workers compensation and injury matters to help his clients. Specifically, Noah advises clients relating to personal injury or workplace injury issues, toxic exposure or occupational hazard claims, tax assessment disputes from State or Federal taxing authorities, and appeals of adverse decisions.

Noah is active with the local bar associations. He is devoted to service in the community. He has served on the executive committee of the Young Lawyers’ Division of the state bar, and has served as the chair of the New Lawyer Education Committee. Noah tries to focus his service on better Lawyer education, and better legal education to the public. Noah currently works with the King County Bar Association’s Neighborhood Legal Clinic in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle near where he lives.

Professional Associations & Memberships

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • King County Bar Association

Blog Posts

Minimum Wage Increase for WA & Seattle

Employers and Employees alike should remember that the minimum wage has increased significantly in this new year to $12.00/HR state wide and $16.00/HR in Seattle. Please check the following link for further details: If either the Employer or the Employee believes there is an error or underpayment, acting quickly to correct such errors are […]

Trade Secrets – A Primer

The protection of trade secrets is a growing topic of concern for our clients. These situations don’t usually involve elaborate thefts but rather concerns of misuse by former employees. This primer is designed to help both employers and departing employees better understand trade secret concerns. This is not legal advice, but a guide to prompt […]

Washington State Minimum Wage Increase

The election on November 8, 2016 saw the confirmation of Initiative 1433, which will increase the Washington State minimum wage to $13.50 an hour by 2020. Similar to the Seattle minimum wage increase, this will be a gradual transition spread from year to year. Starting January 1 of each consecutive year, the Washington State minimum […]

What to Know When Hiring a Nanny

As childcare for newborns and young children becomes more expensive families may find they can hire a nanny (or nanny share) for a comparable cost as daycare. Parts of a nanny or nanny share are very convenient – location, child to caretaker ratio, no stressful waiting list etc. However, the paperwork involved in hiring a […]

Non-Compete Enforceability Being Questioned in WA State

A new year, and a new legislative season sees Non-Compete Agreement again addressed in the WA State Legislature. Two new bills were proposed and are working their way through the legislative process. It would be a game changer for Non-Compete Agreements in Washington State if either passed. HB 2406 HB 2931 Neither bill […]

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Abercrombie & Fitch Stores, Inc.

Back in 2008, Samantha Elauf, a young Muslim woman, applied for a sales floor position at clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch. As part of her religious practice, she wore her headscarf to the interview. Throughout the interview process she performed well and received high remarks. However, her headscarf violated the clothing retailer’s “preppy” Look Policy, […]

Seattle Minimum Wage: What are Local Businesses Doing?

On April 1st, the initial stages of Seattle’s $15 minimum wage ordinance took effect. Large businesses have the next three years to implement this increase while smaller businesses have five years. Seattle businesses are already starting to test out different models in order to accommodate the increases in labor costs. What follows is a summary […]

Young vs. United Parcel Service, Inc.

For those following employment discrimination news – no this is not about Ellen Pao – on March 25, 2015 SCOTUS decided Young vs. United Parcel Service (UPS). I would describe this result as “expected”, but the clarification from the Court makes an employment attorneys’ advice that much more precise; which is welcome. A little background: […]

Tipping in Washington State: FAQ for the Employer and Employee

I frequently receive questions about tipping from small business or restaurant owners and employees. The purpose of this article is to provide initial answers to a couple of common questions. As always, this is not intended to be legal advice and context is everything. If you have questions specific to your situation you should consult with […]

What an Employer Needs to Know When Creating an Employee Manual

What is an Employee Manual? In Washington State it almost certainly is not a contract or agreement to change the at-will nature of your employment. It is a guide for Employees to understand Company policies. It is a guide for Employers to understand their obligations under the law, and to establish policies and goals in […]